Monday, November 17, 2008


Stefanie Lawton vs Kelly Scott

Michelle Englot vs Cheryl Bernard

Crystal Webster vs Rachel Homan

Jennifer Jones vs Georgina Wheatcroft

Sunday, November 16, 2008

$1500 Skins Game

Sponsored by Wayden Transportation

Cheryl Bernard vs. Rachel Homan

Game Start Time: 7:30pm

End One: Cheryl Bernard steals 1 for $75

End Two: Rachel Homan hits and rolls for one, Carry Over of $75

End Three: Playing for $175, Homan steals one to win the skin.

End Four: Playing for $100, Cheryl Bernard draws the pin to force the carry over

End Five: Playing for $250, Rachel Homan just slides to back eight, Carry Over

End Six: Playing for $450, Cheryl Bernard makes a difficult tap back to four foot to force Carry Over

End Seven: Playing for $750, Rachel Homan plays a raise back take out to lie at least two, Bernard has to play a tick shot to try and remove one of Homan's stones and just misses. Homan takes the $750 to go up to $925.

End Eight: Playing for $500; Cheryl Bernard picks Homan's rock off the button to win the skin.

Final: Rachel Homan $925; Cheryl Bernard $575

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Draw 9 Score Updates

B Event

Amber Holland 7; Julie Reddick 4 final
Tracey Jones 5; Georgina Wheatcroft 6 final
Jennifer Jones 9; Colleen Madonia 2 final
Jessica Mair 3; Michelle Englot 4 final

C Event
Shelley Macdonald 8; Diane Foster 2 final
Renee Sonnenberg 9; Sherry Middaugh 2 final

Final Scores Draw 8

Kelly Scott 6; Sherry Anderson 2

Kristen Recksiedler 8; Faye White 4

Kristie Moore 7; Cristin Clark 2

Patti Knezevic 8; heather Rankin 7

Stefanie lawton 7; Allison MacInnes 2

Megan Kirk 7; Marla Mallett 5 (EE)

Updated Linescores Draw 6

Kristie Moore 2, Julie Reddick 2 playing 5th end

Shannon Kleibrink 4, Amber Holland3 playing 6th end

Patti Knezevic 3, Kristen Recksiedler 2 playing 5 end

Rachel Homan 3, Jessica Mair 2 playing 6th end

Cathy King 6, Karen Powell 1playing 5end

Kelly Scott 3, Heather Rankin 4 playing 5 end

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Almost Here!

We are almost ready to go here in Abbotsford for the 2008 Wayden Grand Slam. Make sure you come down to the rink to catch some of the action. Also, keep checking out our blog for updates throughout the weekend. We will do our best to provide the live scoring here if the server traffic slows down the curlingzone and wct site. Please keep in mind that we have a team of dedicated volunteers who are updating the scores for us, so we appreciate your patience if sometimes it takes a little longer to get the scores. Wishing all the teams safe travel to Abbotsford and we look forward to seeing you all out on the ice on Friday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 Wayden Grand Slam Selection of Teams

The Wayden Transportation Ladies Grand Slam is pleased to announce the final selection of teams for the 2008 event. The Classic Committee and the Abbotsford Curling Club look forward to hosting these great teams from November 14 - 17, 2008.

Jennifer Jones
Shannon Kleibrink
Kelly Scott
Stefanie Lawton
Sherry Middaugh
Cheryl Bernard
Sherry Anderson
Cathy King
Michelle Englot
Amber Holland
Kristie Moore
Julie Reddick
Renee Sonnenberg
Heather Rankin
Faye White
Crystal Webster
Allison MacInnes
Marla Mallett
Colleen Madonia
Jessica Mair
Tracey Jones
Patti Knezevic
Karen Powell
Megan Kirk
Kristen Recksiedler
Ashleigh Clark
Shelley Macdonald
Georgina Wheatcroft
Jody Maskiewich
Diane Foster
Cristin Clark